Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking For a New MLM Company? What You Need to Know About a New MLM Company Before You Join

By Stacy McIntosh

Joining a new MLM company definitely has its advantages but there are a few things you need to consider before you take the plunge.

If you go to sites like or you are bound to find a new MLM company. Both have a directory for your observation but what they won't tell you is what to look for when researching a new MLM company.

Here are some things to consider when researching a new MLM company.

First what is the product? Sounds like a no brainer, right? But it's something that many people over look. The illusion of grandeur of being apart of a new MLM company often impedes their rational thought as they forget to truly look at what the product is and what it has to offer. I see this often with high ticket items especially in the world of online marketing. People think that they can make their millions fast as they are the first to bring it to market but fail to realize that the product does not hold any real value to the public. So make sure that YOU would purchase the product outside of the so called "opportunity" because if you wouldn't chances are others wont either.

The second thing to consider with a new MLM company is who are the leaders of this organization? Do your research. Google the names and find out if these are people with a proven track record or have they jumped from one company to the next leaving a wake of destruction in their path. You'll often see this among marketers that have burned people and their reputation is catching up to them. Google is a fantastic tool. Just remember to read BOTH sides of the story.

Third and probably most important when looking at a new MLM company is what is the market place demanding right now? The most lucrative time to be a part of company is no doubt in the first 2 years but only if that new MLM company is showing momentum and speed in its launch. Otherwise it may take you years to see any significant results as the growth is just too slow. Be aware of the market place and the timing and trends of the general public. Where are dollars being spent right now? If it is obvious that the product of this new MLM company is ahead of that trend; than you have the potential for a goldmine.

Lastly, really study the marketing plan of a new MLM company. There is no doubt that the Internet is a driving force in the network marketing industry so make sure that this new MLM company allows you to utilize such a brilliant tool. Team up with others in this new MLM company who have mastered online marketing so you can not only utilize your offline marketing skills but you can build a sustainable life long business with the help of the almighty Internet.

Stacy is a an established Internet marketer who shows other network marketers in her organization how to use cutting edge technology and elegant marketing techniques to build a sustainable long term business. To see examples of Stacy's branding techniques visit or

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